Cotton Explained – How To Spot Quality Cotton Fabrics, Shirts, Sweaters – Gentleman’s Gazette

Welcome back to the gentleman’s Gazette! Today’s video is all about cotton. We discuss what it is, what it’s not, thedifferences in calibers, the impact on the environment, what you should look for whenyou buy it, and what to watch out for. Cotton, you might wonder, isn’t all cottonthe same? No, it isn’t. Even if […]

Best Cooling Comforter 2020 – Our Top 5 Picks!

[ background music] Marten: Hey chaps. Marten here from MattressClarity. Sleeping hot is the worst. Believe me, I know exactly what it feels like, wakingup sweaty, clammy, shall be required to take the comforter off the bunked. It was easy to find a comforter for thosecolder nights, those colder months, what about those of us […]


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5 Tips To Get Better Quality Sleep | Hibernate Like A King | Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

[ 0:00: 00] Gentlemen, Antonio now. All claim. Today, were going to talk about sleep specificallyhow you can use these five tips-off to get more and better sleep every single night. Guys, look around you, parties are walkingaround like theyre zombies. I make literally I was just predict some ofthe data, the average American is […]

ALL ABOUT YARN – Learn to Understand Different Kinds of Yarns Fiber Weight Size Substitution

hi I’m Donna from Nastasia calm today I’ll be talking about recital there are a lot beautiful types of yarn out there nonetheless going to get a fibre store can be very confusing this video will talk about fiber material qualities sizes and weights and how to replace fibre and structures yarn fibers generally fall […]

How to Wash Silk Sheets – Lilysilk

I want to wash that as it misleads you can use either handwriting moisten our machine wash our expanses bottle Dom please note that this video only applies to membranes anything containing silk floss must be dry clean hand move is recommended for smaller pieces such as pillowcases make sure you use lukewarm water and […]

The Bleach-Free Way to Get Your Sheets Whiter than White

there is nothing like diving into a bed of clean-living white crispy sheets once you’ve had your membranes for a little bit the likelihood is they’re not quite as white as you’d like them to be I’m gonna show you how to take care of that so most people actually think that bleach is the […]