Ferraris are the Sergio

Among the rarest Ferraris are the Sergio. Presented at the end of 2014, the supercar is derived from the Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio concept and has only been produced in six. So here is one for sale, the very first of this short series.

The Ferrari Sergio here for sale is number one out of six. To make it a little more distinct, it has a yellow hue of the most visible.

Like any other exclusive car, it has a low mileage, 118 kilometers. As soon as it was put into circulation, it was delivered to the private museum SBH Royal Auto Gallery in the United Arab Emirates. With such a lived experience, there is no doubt that the car is in a state close to perfection.

Under the hood, there is an atmospheric V8 4.5 over 600 horsepower with similar performance to the F458 Spider from which it drifts, including a 0 to 100 km / h in 3 seconds.

To get back to the wheel, and certainly store it in another museum, you will still have to split $ 4,300,000. A sum that is not indecent in the world of supercars.

Just one month after announcing the (temporary) abandonment of its plant project in Las Vegas, Faraday Future found a new point of departure. He settled in a former Pirelli plant in Fresno, California.

Despite the adversity and financial problems, including those affecting his main LeEco support, Faraday Future is looking to stay on course for a production of its crossover FF91 at the end of next year. So let’s rethink its ambitions downwards.

Forget the giant factory in Las Vegas, which Faraday soon replaced by another site, more modest, but real … It is indeed a factory created in the 60s by Armstrong Rubber, taken over in 1982 by Pirelli which has abandoned it since 2001. The site could in full rate produce 10,000 cars per year, with 1,300 jobs.

For the time being, it was the employees of the Faraday design office who began to invest the premises. Nearly 400 of them came to the spot to attend the announcement, and finally see this production tool very concrete …
Faraday is not LeEco

The new boss Stefan Krause took the opportunity to distance himself with LeEco and Jia Yueting. According to him, the disappearance of LeEco will not entail that of Faraday. History to reassure both employees and prospective investors sought. It is that the loan obtained to rent this factory is only the beginning. Faraday still has to find several hundred million to start production.

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