Chinese group Youngman

In China, we often speak of a new brand. More rarely are marks that disappear, for they never totally die. This is not the case with Youngman-Lotus, which was finally declared bankrupt.

The Chinese group Youngman joined forces with Proton in 2006 to acquire production rights in China from several models, including the Proton Gen-2. Youngman mostly gets the right to use the Lotus name. So if the brand name is officially named Youngman, this name does not appear directly, but that of Lotus (Engineered by Lotus) is much more visible. And the manufacturer does not hesitate to stage real Lotus in his communication. But conversations with Proton and Lotus are complicated, and after successfully launching its biggest L5 sedan, Youngman will never launch its SUV T5 …
The zombie is finally dead

Since the end of 2014, the factories have stopped working. But Youngman-Lotus is still officially active. Becoming a zombie builder, like so many others, he made his return in March. Present at the show of Jinhua, he exposes again an electric L3. A hope of return finally aborted, as the Hangzhou court formally declared the bankruptcy of Youngman Lotus Automobiles Co Ltd.

It is not yet clear from this bankruptcy whether the production license, although the most valuable of the manufacturer, could be sold. If this is the case, let’s bet that several buyers will be on the rows. Especially when Beijing indicated no longer want to grant new authorizations.

This bankruptcy should also arrange Geely, the new owner of Lotus, which will thus be able to distribute and / or produce the models of the English manufacturer in China more easily.

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